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Oil and Gas Management

Oil and Gas Management

This qualification is designed for those interested or involved in petroleum exploration and production but who are not earth scientists. It will be useful for administrative and management staff, engineers and anyone working in or looking to enter the oil and gas industry by providing that individual with relevant  knowledge and skills for the oil and gas  industry.
Individuals who complete this qualification successfully will gain a good understanding of all that is required both practically and theoretically to work in the petroleum exploration and processing industry; and also used as a stepping stone to progress onto further education in related fields.

Course Modules:

Level 4 Diploma:    

  • Introduction to Petroleum Geology
  • Petroleum Exploration and Production
  • Project Start Up and Analysis
  • Risk Analysis and Management

Level 5 Advanced Diploma:

  • Drilling (Mechanical and Non mechanical aspects)
  • Well testing
  • Well completion
  • Management of occupational health, safety and environmental risks in the oil and gas industry

Level 6 Graduate Diploma:

  • Surface treatment and storage
  • Introduction to Reservoir Engineering (formerly Petroleum Production)
  • Quality Management
  • Project report