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Career Counselling and Grooming

At Springs College we do not only help you attain the best in education but also give you advice on how to choose a career. We will encourage you to take full advantage of the services we provide to support your career development process. We will partner with you to develop an action plan for accomplishing your personal career goals. 

The Career Center encourages students to meet with our experienced career counselors in one-on-one appointments to discuss career exploration and job search strategies throughout their years at Springs College. We assist students with graduate school planning as well as job and internship searches. Our staff collaborates with alumni and employers to organize career fairs, seminars, workshops and Intersession trips for our students.

Our office serves students who feel that they are certain about their career goals and students who would like to identify new career options. Students who wish to change their career often meet with a career counselor to find out about resources related to their new area of interest.

Our Career Counseling Department help students to:

  • Explore career possibilities
  • Learn about how their studies and careers relate
  • Clarify your values, skills and interests
  • Discover and articulate their stories
  • Create strategies for making the most of their Springs College experience
  • Find industry-specific advice and information
  • Identify internship and job opportunities
  • Develop job search skills.
  • Develop the skills for writing up to date CV