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Business Administration

Business Administration:
The Business Administration program has been designed to prepare students for leadership roles in business and the community. One program objective is to provide students with the perceptual and analytical skills necessary in making decisions and evaluating policy in business; another is to develop student understanding of the social, economic and regulatory environment of business. The program is designed for students with a variety of career goals, including opportunities with financial institutions, manufacturing and retail firms, service industries and the public sector. At springs we our programme modules are design to give students a practical knowledge as to how things are done on the job field. This course consists of different modules which would enable you get a clear picture of what it’s about.
This qualification introduces the learner to key principles and practices in office management, quality and workforce management. The learner is also introduced to strategic management; a vital aspect of business management and administration. Learners who successfully complete this qualification will be able to maintain a strategic fit between the internal and external business environments.

Course Modules
Level 4 Diploma 
Mandatory Modules

  • Fundamentals of Administrative Management
  • Analysis of strategic issues in business and management (Strategic Management)
  • Business and its external environment
  • Quality management
  • Customer Service Management

Level 5 Advanced Diploma  
Mandatory Modules  

  • Introduction to business law                
  • Corporate Strategy                             
  • Strategic Human Resource Management          
  • Organizing and directing administrative resources        
  • Strategic Problem Solving in Business and Management    

Level 6 Graduate Diploma

Mandatory Modules 

  • Production and operations management
  • Strategic risk management in business projects
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Project Report