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Business Management is one of the leading courses of study in the country. The coursework includes both general 
requirements (liberal arts courses) as well as curriculum requirements (business courses). 
In addition, these are some of the courses that can be found under the Business Management Courses
1. Business Administration, (IPED UK)
2. Banking and Finance, (IPED UK)
3. Marketing Management (IPED UK)
4. Human Resource Managemnt (IPED UK)
5. Project Management (IPED UK)

Program Outcomes

    1. Effectively communicate using the language of business
    2. Make business decisions using a systematic, evaluative, information-based approach 
       rooted in ethics and social responsibility
    3. Demonstrate knowledge of current events and trends in business, including potential 
       career tracks in their area of interest
    4. Master the skills necessary to prepare them to work in an entry-level position and/or 
       continue in the academic field in their area of interest