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Attendance Policies

In recognizing the correlation between attendance and academic achievement as well as student retention, regular and punctual attendance is mandatory for students enrolled at Springs College. The lecturers are required to maintain attendance for each class meeting.

Once given admission, all students must:

  •  Have at least 80% class attendance in order to register for an exam.
  •  Sign-in at all times before or after class.
  •  Report on campus with their ID cards.

In cases of absence, it is the student's responsibility to notify the course lecturer prior to missing the class. In cases where advance notification is not feasible (e.g. accident, or emergency) the student must provide notification by the next class meeting after the absence. This notification should include an explanation of why a notice could not be sent prior to the class.

In Springs College following are acceptable reasons for absence from a class to be “excused absence”:

  • Serious illness or serious medical emergencies on the part of the student or a dependent. In this case the student must submit a doctor’s note explaining the reason for the absence to the course lecturer.


  • Family emergency. The student must submit a note and supporting documents to the course lecturer explaining the reason for their absence. In case of a death in the family, a death certificate must be submitted as supporting documents.


  • Legal. The student must submit the official documentation to their instructor explaining the reason for their absence.



  • Military duty. Student must provide an official government, state, or civic document indicating conditions and length of required service.


Authorized and approved events sanctioned by the School administrations.